ANSI Paper Sizes

All ANSI paper sizes, formats, information and dimension in mm, cm, m, inches, points, picas and pixels. The ANSI category has a total of 5 paper sizes.


The ANSI series is very similar to the A, B and C series of the ISO standard. In 1996, ANSI or The American National Standards Institute adopted ANSI/ASME Y14.1 with a new series of paper sizes. The popular letter size named ‘ANSI A’ based on the standard 8.5 inches x 11 inches (216mm x 279mm), is the most common and used by many people. The Ledger/Tabloid also known as ‘ANSI B’ is also very popular in this paper sizes series. By mentioning that ANSI series is very similar to the ISO standard, this means that if you fold a paper size from the ANSI series, you will get two sheets of the next smaller ANSI size just like the A, B and C series.

Format Width x Height (mm) Width x Height (inch) Width x Height (px)
ANSI E 864 x 1118 34 x 44 10205 x 13205
ANSI D 559 x 864 22 x 34 6602 x 10205
ANSI C 432 x 559 17 x 22 5102 x 6602
ANSI B (Ledger & Tabloid) 279 x 432 11 x 17 3295 x 5102
ANSI A (Letter) 216 x 279 8.5 x 11 2551 x 3295