P2 Paper Size, Dimensions and Format (Canadian series)

P2 in millimeters

430 x 560




Aspect ratio 1:1.3
Area (A) 240,800 mm²
Perimeter (P) 1,980 mm
Diagonal (d) 706.05 mm


The P2 format measures 430 x 560 mm or 16.9 x 22 inches. An P2 paper fromat has an aspect ratio of 1:1.3. The Area of the P2 paper size is 240,800 mm² or 371.80 in² with a perimeter of 1,980 mm or 77.80 in. An P2 format has a diagonal length of 706.05 mm or 27.74 in. The P2 size belongs to the Canadian series. In the Canadian series there are a total of 6 paper sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The size of an P2 paper is 430 x 560 mm

The size of an P2 paper in inches is 16.9 x 22 in

The half size of an P2 paper is 215 x 280 mm or 8.45 x 11 in

The aspect ratio of an P2 is 1:1.3

The area of an P2 paper is 240,800 mm or 371.80 in

The perimeter of an P2 paper is 1,980 mm or 77.80 in

The diagonal measurement of P2 paper is 706.05 mm or 27.74 in

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There are a total of 6 Canadian Paper Sizes.