Antiquarian Paper Size, Dimensions and Format (Imperial series)

Antiquarian in millimetres

787 x 1346 mm




Aspect ratio 1:1.71
Area (A) 1,059,302 mm²
Perimeter (P) 4,266 mm
Diagonal (d) 1,559.19 mm


The Antiquarian format measures 787 x 1346 mm or inches. An Antiquarian paper fromat has an aspect ratio of 1:1.71. The Area of the Antiquarian paper size is 1,059,302 mm² or 1,643 in² with a perimeter of 4,266 mm or 168 in. An Antiquarian format has a diagonal length of 1,559.19 mm or 61.40 in. The Antiquarian size belongs to the Imperial series. In the Imperial series there are a total of 31 paper sizes.

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There are a total of 31 Imperial Paper Sizes.