A4 Paper Size, Dimensions and Format (A series)


210 x 297




Aspect ratio 1:1.41
Perimeter (P) 1,014 mm
Diagonal (d) 363.74 mm
Area (A) 62,370 mm²


The A4 format measures 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches. An A4 paper fromat has an aspect ratio of 1:1.41. The Area of the A4 paper size is 62,370 mm² or 97.11 in² with a perimeter of 1,014 mm or 40 in. An A4 format has a diagonal length of 363.74 mm or 14.35 in. The A4 size belongs to the A series. In the A series there are a total of 19 paper sizes.

A4 Paper Size

The A4 is a paper size that is used in many countries around the world. It is especially popular in Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. The A4 paper size measures 210mm by 297mm or 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches. It has an aspect ratio of 1:1.41 which means it is slightly longer than it is wide, unlike most other paper sizes which are square or nearly so. 

The A4 format has several advantages over other paper sizes. First, because it has a larger area than other formats such as Letter or Legal, it can hold more information in the same amount of space making it ideal for documents with lots of text or graphics. Additionally, when folded in half.


What is the use of the A4 Paper?

A4 paper is an international standard size (210x297mm) used in nearly every country around the world, mainly for printing documents and photographs. The A4 format was first introduced in Germany in 1922 as a way to standardize paper sizes, and it has since been adopted as the universal standard paper size for office use. It's a versatile and convenient size that can be easily printed at home or by a professional printer. This makes it ideal for creating documents such as flyers, brochures, posters, reports, presentations, and more. Its compact dimensions also make it perfect for letter-sized envelopes, postcards and other mailings. A4 paper offers superior image quality compared to other paper formats with sharp text and bold colors thanks to its high resolution printing capabilities. In addition to being compatible with most printers, A4 size is also compatible with most digital display devices like tablets and laptops because of its similar aspect ratio as a typical computer monitor or TV screen. The A4 format also offers more margin space than other paper formats so users have more room to customize their designs while still leaving enough white space for readability.


Is A4 the same as 8.5 x 11?

No, A4 is not the same as 8.5 x 11. The A4 paper size is defined as 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, while 8.5 x 11 is 8.5 inches by 11 inches- a difference of about 1 inch in each dimension. The A4 format is also a bit taller and narrower than the 8.5 x 11 format, giving it a more square appearance when compared side-by-side. A4 paper has become one of the most popular paper sizes in the world due to its dimensions being halfway between Letter and A3 sizes, making it compatible with printers and other mailings both in North America and Europe.


Will A4 paper fit in 8x10 frame?

A4 paper and 8x10 frames are not compatible. A4 paper size is defined as 210 x 297 millimeters, while an 8x10 frame is 8 inches by 10 inches- a one inch difference in each dimension. The A4 format is also taller and narrower than the 8x10 format, resulting in a more square appearance when compared side-by-side. Even though you cannot physically place A4 paper into an 8x10 frame, you can achieve a similar look by placing an8×10 print on top of the sheet with proper matting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of an A4 paper is 210 x 297 mm

The size of an A4 paper in inches is 8.3 x 11.7 in

The half size of an A4 paper is 105 x 148.5 mm or 4.15 x 5.85 in

The aspect ratio of an A4 is 1:1.41

The area of an A4 paper is 62,370 mm or 97.11 in

The perimeter of an A4 paper is 1,014 mm or 40 in

The diagonal measurement of A4 paper is 363.74 mm or 14.35 in

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