A6 Paper Size, Dimensions and Format (A series)

A6 in millimeters

105 x 148




Aspect ratio 1:1.41
Area (A) 15,540 mm²
Perimeter (P) 506 mm
Diagonal (d) 181.46 mm


The A6 format measures 105 x 148 mm or 4.1 x 5.8 inches. An A6 paper fromat has an aspect ratio of 1:1.41. The Area of the A6 paper size is 15,540 mm² or 23.78 in² with a perimeter of 506 mm or 19.80 in. An A6 format has a diagonal length of 181.46 mm or 7.10 in. The A6 size belongs to the A series. In the A series there are a total of 19 paper sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The size of an A6 paper is 105 x 148 mm

The size of an A6 paper in inches is 4.1 x 5.8 in

The half size of an A6 paper is 52.5 x 74 mm or 2.05 x 2.9 in

The aspect ratio of an A6 is 1:1.41

The area of an A6 paper is 15,540 mm or 23.78 in

The perimeter of an A6 paper is 506 mm or 19.80 in

The diagonal measurement of A6 paper is 181.46 mm or 7.10 in

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There are a total of 19 A Paper Sizes.